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Copper telluride series

Tellurium Copper (UNS C14500)

Date:2018-08-20 15:30:35

Copper tellurium

Tellurium copper rod

Material properties:

Tellurium copper (C14500) alloy has excellent free cutting performance, arc resistance, ablation resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as corrosion resistance; it is the best cutting performance copper alloy material in high copper alloy; moreover, it has good cold and hot working performance, and can be forged, cast, extruded and drawn, stamped, upset and calcined.

Application area:

The alloy is mainly used for: high conductivity, high conductivity, corrosion-resistant precision electronic and electrical components, advanced mechanical and electrical components, forgings and thread cutting parts, plumbing fittings, electrical contact parts, welding and cutting advanced gun nozzle, aerospace connectors, new energy automotive connectors, motor and switching parts. Products can be processed into plates, sheets, rods, wires, pipes and other profiles and various profiled materials. It is widely used in high voltage and high current connection because of its excellent arc resistance, welding resistance and viscosity resistance, high and low temperature performance, low insertion loss, high conductivity, low thermal EMF after silver plating and strong anti-interference ability. Connector industry.

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